Behind The Brand


Elusion Clothing was created in 2006 by Dani Merritt in Cleveland, Ohio. The idea of a brand came to her in college, in 2001. Merritt wanted to make a brand specifically for the confident man. Growing up with a passion for art, she learned how to put her designs on shirts and began selling them in the neighborhood, while 5 months pregnant. She researched and studied legends like Daymond John, Donwan Harrell, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Ecko and several others, learning menswear from top to bottom. 

By 2009, the brand was seen on television and on the backs of several celebrities and professional athletes. A few athletes helped her get the brand out further, which helped sales and allowed more garments to be created. Coming out of pocket for everything has not been easy, but Merritt won't give up until the brand is a household name in the fashion industry. 

Elusion now has offices in Laguna Beach, CA & Cleveland Heights, OH. Print work is done in Indiana and California, while manufacturing scales the globe. The confident man is still the focus, also being big on quality. Every sale helps. Merritt is expanding into women's and young boys in the summer of 2018, with plans to open a flagship location in Ohio. The brand is big on charity and mental health, donating regularly as well as building events around the cause.